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Поездка Ф.-Л. Елачича в Китай

Sculpture composition “Eight Immortals in the Garden.” China. Mid-18th c. Agalmatolite, jade Tea kettle. China. 18th c. Agalmatolite Shoe. China. Mid-18th c. Silk fabric and yarns, cotton fabric Composition “A Court Scene.” China. Mid-18th c. Bronze, silk fabric High boots. China. 18th c. Silk fabric and yarns, cotton fabric, leather Incense-burners in the shape of boys riding kylins, myth animals. China. 18th c. Bronze, gilding Vase. China. 18th c. Agalmatolite Sculptural image of a bureaucrat. China. Late 17th – early 18th c. Agalmatolite, wood, mineral paint, China ink Sculptural image of a Grande Dame Wind-up toy “A lady riding a deer.” China. 18th c. Tin, ivory, leaf-gold, paint, corals