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Сибирские коллекции

Sculptural image of a Buddhist scholar (pandit). Transbaikal. Bronze. From P.S. Pallas’s collections Sculpture of Manjushri. Sculpture of a Buddhist Goddess Lhamo. Tibet. Late 17th c. Bronze, wood Image of bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. Wood, clay, water color, lacquer Woman’s shirt. Povolzhye. Mordva. 18th c. Canvas, woolen yarn. From P.S. Pallas’s collections Canvas shirt with embroidering. Simbirsk prov. Chuvash people. 18th c. Canvas, woolen yarn, leather “Kashmau” headdress. Ufa prov. The Bashkirs. 18th c. Canvas yarn, canvas, pearls, mastics, red corals, turquoise, glass, copper, gild, mother of pearl “Butimar” sash. Nizhny Novgorod prov. 18th c. Canvas, silk floss, silver, paste, coral, braid (lacing), reinforced yarn, mastics, mother of pearl, glass, canvas yarn