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Musical instrument with bamboo body and copper gongs of different diameters. Thailand. Thais.

Bronze statue of the prince Rama – hero of the Thai epic “Ramakiana”. Thailand. Thais.

Bamboo hat of a high-ranking official, decorated with feathers. Vietnam. Viets.

Depiction of the head of the guardian spirit of the house. Cambodia. Khmers.

Bronze statue of the Sakyamuni Buddha.

Mask of the king of the monkeys Sugriva from the Thai “Khon” ballet. Thailand. Thais.

Cotton embroidered cape of an officer of the imperial guard. Vietnam. Viets.

“Khen” Mouth organ of bamboo. Vietnam. Viets.

The exhibition shows the culture of the numerous peoples of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma.

The basis of the collection, devoted to the continental part of Southeast Asia – Indochina – is made up of items gathered by museum employees and Russian oriental experts, and also items given by collectors or acquired by them. Among the exhibits are masks of actors of the Siamese ballet who performed in St. Petersburg.

The exhibit shows examples of traditional clothing and musical instruments. Of interest are the collections of Buddhist sculpture and dress weapons from Thailand, masks of the traditional Thai Khon theatre, and domestic items, such as vessels.

The ethnic diversity of ornaments and techniques create an expressive and memorable image of the region.


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