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Deputy Director for Museum


Tel.: +7 (812) 328-08-12

Fax / tel.. +7 (812) 323-29-06

KUPINA Julia Arkadievna, Candidate of Sciences, graduated from the Department of History of LeningradStateUniversity in 1984 with the speciality “ethnography”. In the same year she became a full-time postgraduate student at the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, and in 1987 she upheld her candidate dissertation “Evenki Traditional Sculpture: Problems of Origin and Function (Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries)”. Since 1987 she is a staff member of MAE RAS (the Department of Siberian ethnography). Since 2000 she has headed the Department of External Relations and Exhibitions (since 2004 – the Expositions and Exhibitions Department). Since 2004 she is the Deputy Director for the Museum activities. 

Her main research interests are the ethnography of Siberian peoples and museum management. Ju.A. Kupina has published several studies on the traditional culture of the indigenous populations of Siberia, and exhibition catalogs. In 1998 she won a Fulbright grant (USA), in 2001 she participated in the Open Society Institute program “Management in the 21st Century Culture”; and in 2002 she held a fellowship in Sweden on the program “New Managers for Russia”. In 2003 she studied at the Institute of Museum Management of the Getty Institute, USA. She has received a second higher education in computer designing (Saint-PetersburgPolytechnicUniversity degree, 2001).