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The journal “Forum for Anthropology and Culture”

Contact information

Adress: Sredniy prosp. V.O., 24.
Теl.: (812) 323-34-19; (812) 275-52-56
E - mail:



The date of establishment

The journal “Forum for Anthropology and Culture” was established in 2004.


Two issues per year.


  • Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • the European University at Saint-Petersburg
  • with the assistance of European Humanities Research Centre, University of Oxford.

Members of the editorial board

The members of the journal editor board are:

  • Albert Baiburin (MAE/EUSPb) – general editor;
  • Catriona Kelly (University of Oxford) – editor of the English version;
  • Yuri Berezkin (MAE/EUSPb),
  • Nikolay Vakhtin (EUSPb);
  • Yuri Chistov (MAE);
  • Marina Ilyina (MAE);
  • Wigzell Faith (University College, London);
  • Boris Firsov (EUSPb);
  • Sheila Fitzpatrick (Chicago University);
  • Caroline Humphrey (University of Cambrige);
  • Konstantin Pozdnyakov (INALCO, Paris);
  • David Ransel (Indiana University);
  • Steve Smith (University of Essex / European University Institute, Florence);
  • Sergey Sokolovsky (The Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of Russian Academy of Science, Moscow);
  • Sergey Shtyrkov (MAE/EUSPb)
  • Valentin Vydrin (MAE).

Editorial staff

Albert  Baiburin, general editor
Olga Boizova, secretary of the editorial board
Arkadiy Blumbaum, editorial assistant
Alexandra Piir, editorial assistant, online edition

The journal conception

The main aim of the journal is the exchange of ideas between representatives of different scientific disciplines: anthropologists, folklorists, linguists, historians, museum workers. Thus the central part of the journal is the “Forum”, where a discussion of some central and topical issue in the study of anthropology and culture. The journal actively encourages dialogue between specialist working in Russia and elsewhere. This explain the international membership of the editorial board as well as the fact that the journal is published in both Russian and English. The English version of the journal “Forum for Anthropology and Culture” is edited by Catriona Kelly and Josephina von Zitzewitz at the University of Oxford.