The Presentation "Kunstkammer online - common access to the museum's funds"

On April 19, 2010 at 04 p.m. at the Anthropology and Ethnography Museum named after Peter the Great (Kunstkammer) a presentation of the Russian Academy of Sciences will take place titled "Kunstkammer online - a common access to the museum's funds", which is dedicated to the summing up of several international projects, united by a single concept of the "museum of the future".

The first museum of Russia - a former Kunstkammer (or Kunstkamera), at present the Russian Academy of Sciences Anthropology and Ethnography Museum named after Peter the Great, is the first museum in Russia, which opens up its funds to so vast an audience on such a scale - the experts in ethnography and to the general public from all around the world. Thus is realized the main concept of the Museum's mission, formulated by Peter the Great himself in the beginning of the 18th century, which ran "I want people to look and learn!"Founded about three hundred years ago, the Kunstkammer has become and remains to the present time not only the RAS scientific base, but also the most important cultural and enlightenment establishment of the whole of our country.

 The project "AUTOMATED RAS MAE PHOTO DEPOSIT WITH AN INTERNET CATALOGUE" is executed with financial support of the Ford Foundation. Since a year and a half, that passed after the work was begun, a gigantic, huge amount of photographs was digitalized and described in the Russian and English languages - more than 4.000 photo prints, glass plates, negative and positive films and other illustrative materials. The Kunstkammer's photo collection - resembles a sort of peculiar family photo album of the humanity, in which every citizen on our planet can see for himself, what his homeland looked like some hundred years ago, and perhaps, to find his relatives. The earliest photography on display in the deposit was shot in the 40-s of the 19th century. The electronic catalogue in the Russian and the English language has an index. A flexible system of expanded search has a function of summing the illustrations.
 The project "THE VIRTUAL MUSEUM OF FREDERIK RUYSCH" - is the first result of the collective research of the Russian and the Dutch scientists. Its main target is to provide for the access to the scientific catalogue of one of the earliest collections of Kunstkammer. The collection of anatomical preparations, made up by the anatomy and botany's professor from Amsterdam Frederik Ruysch (1638-1731) was purchased by Peter the Great especially for the Museum in 1717. While working at the electronic catalogue the descriptions of many preparations were compared, which are stored at present in the collections of Kunstkammer, supplied with descriptions by Ruysch himself and published by him about 300 years ago, as well as with the descriptions published in the earliest print catalogue of Kunstkammer. The above mentioned project will be presented within the framework of the program titled "A Window View on the Netherlands", carried out by the General Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Saint Petersburg.
 The electronic catalogue of the Korean museums' collections titled "KOREA COMING TO LIFE ON THE NEVA BANKS" has been carried out in close collaboration of the two museums - The Anthropology and Ethnography Museum named after Peter the Great of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the State Ethnography Museum of Republic of Korea. This is the result of collaboration with the country, whose cultural materials are in storage here, in Saint Petersburg, thousands of kilometers away from the place, where they have been initially created.

In the presentation will take part - RAS MAE director Y.K. Chistov; head of the RAS MAE information technologies department the project superviser T.G. Bogomazova; the Management of the general consulate of the kingdom of the Netherlands in Saint Petersburg, as well as Russian and Foreign scientists and various museum workers.