Expedition within the Framework of the “Ijma‘=Concord” project (Sumatra Island, Indonesia)

An expedition journey, which was made as part of the “Ijma‘=Concord” project (headed by Dr Prof Efim Rezvan), took place from April 28 to May 14, 2013. Its target was the island of Sumatra (Indonesia). The itinerary of the journey was as follows: Padang — Ulakan — Pariaman — Lake Maninjau — Koto Gadang — Annai Valley — Bukittinggi — Kota Baru — Pandai Sikek — Padang Panjang — Padang — Palembang — Kemaro Island.

The principal task of the expedition part of the “Ijma‘=Concord” project is the collection of materials that deal with the life of Muslim communities that employ various communicative strategies (interaction — isolationism) under conditions of active coexistence in polyethnic and multidenominational environment. The work in Sumatra continued the study of syncretism in Islam, which was first initiated during the expeditions to Southeastern regions of Ethiopia, Eastern Turkestan and Tibetan areas(2008), to India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu), Sri Lanka, the Maldives  and Kazakhstan (2010, 2011). There are also other tasks of the expeditions, which by no means are less significant in scope – the collection of video and photographic material for publishing endeavors and exhibition projects, the acquisition of new ethnographic collections, the establishment of partnership relationships with colleagues from profile scientific centers.