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The projects within the bounds of the Presidium of RAS Program of fundamental investigations.

Under the RAS Presidium Program of Fundamental Researches “The adaptation of nations and cultures to environment changes, to social and man-caused transformations” (the state contract № 10104-34/П-21/238-244/290606-039) the following researches are in progress:

  • “The ancient migration reflected in folklore-mythological motifs sets: an origin, contacts and a natural environment as forming factors for regional mythologies”. The scientific adviser : the head of the department of American ethnography Cand.Sc. U.E.Berezkin.
  • “The formation of anthropological communities and local variants of inhabitants of Eastern Europe, Siberia and Far East”. The scientific adviser: the head of the anthropology department Cand.Sc. V.I.Khartanovich.
  • “The adaptation strategies of the ancient inhabitants of Northern Eurasia: raw materials and processing methods”. . The scientific adviser: the head of the archaeology department Cand.Sc. G.A.Khlopachev.
  • “The Caucasian peoples traditions in the changing world: succession and gaps in socio-cultural practices”. The scientific adviser: the head of the department of Caucasian ethnography Dr.Sc.Karpov.
  • “Tracing D.A.Zolotarev expedition: ethno-cultural and migration processes in rural areas of the North-West of RF in historical perspective”. The scientific adviser: the head of the department of the ethnography of Eastern Slavs and peoples of European part of Russia Cand.Sc. A.I.Terukov.