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In house Exhibitions


The Expeditions Are Not Over

The Museum preserves one of the greatest ethnographic collections brought from Xinjiang and Qinghai (the PRC). It represents cultural and ethnical diversity of Chinese Turkestan and the history of its study in Russia. The gathering of this collection is closely linked to the activity of the legendary Russian Committee of Central Asian Studies and to the names of such prominent scholars and travellers as Nikolai M. Przhevalsky, Vsevolod I. Roborovsky, Sergey E. Malov, Edham R. Tenishev and many others.


CELESTIAL BOAT. Chinese Mechanical Toy
The World of an Object

As early as the 3rd century B.C. Qin Shi-huang, establisher of the Chinese Empire, attending to endless longevity was time after time sending expeditions to the distant seas looking for the islands haunted with the celestial immortals: people - rulers of the time, elements and wonderful creatures, - in pleasure of eternity sailing the seas by unseen boats resistant to any storms. By celestial boats.


Exhibition of Yuri Molodkovets’ photography

The project is an attempt to unite visual forms of Inca, Nasca civilizations’ monuments, modern life of Uros and Mayoruna tribes. Exhibition “Peru. Levels of design” contains photos, taken during expedition organized by “Axioma” company in January 2009.