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Africa is an incomprehensible 20.3% segment of the Globe. There are places here, not visited by anyone, and the cities, with a “perpetuum mobile” traffic, not stopping for a single moment. Fashionable resorts and fishermen’s villages of Egypt; antique shrines and temples and snow-white cottages of wattle and daub of Tunisia; the minarets and tea-shops of Morocco, the slums in Kenyan cities, the pigmies’ dances and the magicians’ rites, the lions’ snarl at night, flocks of birds covering the sky, the heritage of the white colonizers, the horrors of epidemics and the joy of folk festivities not veiled by grief.

Everybody wants to have a look at Africa. And upon seeing it, is enchanted forever. The photographers, who worked at various issues of the “World Pathfinder” magazine, have penetrated various corners of Africa. And their impressions of the sunny continent’s peculiarities have laid the foundation of this display. Dedicated to… Africa.

The authors are professional photograghers, famous Russian and foreign travelers and journalists Sergei Maximishin, Larisa Pelle, Alexander Gronsky, Lydia Vereshchagina, Alexander Koryakov, Dmitry Rzhannikov.

The Proto exhibition “Interpretation of Africa” is a gift of the “World Pathfinder” magazine to the world famous Russian museum, with which the editorial staff has been collaborating for years on end and is timed to the opening ceremony of a permanent exposition “Africa”.

Sociable Children
Mozambique, Ilha de Mozambique, March 2005.
Larissa Pelle.
Lost in Thought
Namibia, Opuvo village, May 2005.
Larissa Pelle.
Fes, A Dream City
Morocco, Fes, 2005.
Lydia Vereshchagina.