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India in Dolls

Свадебный нарядColorful world of the great India appears before the audience as 52 dolls dressed in traditional costumes common for the various peoples of the country (of practically all Indian states), for different casual and ceremonial situation. One can see how many-sided is the population of India that is bow home for more than 1 billion people. There are dolls in national cloths worn by men and women in different regions of the country by its numerous peoples. It is enough to mention the yet little known to the Russian audience names of tribes - Santhal, Muria, Naga, Bodo, Bhil, Toda, Banjara (Indian gypsies) and others. Not only famous sari and dhoti are worn in India but also salwars, pyjamas, kurtas, kameez, shawls, scarves turbans and others. Bridal dresses including the ones having special decorations attract special attention. Indian brides' dresses reflect the most characteristic features of national costumes as they are remarkable for their color and rich decorations.

Театральные персонажиAn absolutely distinctive group of the dolls tells about the classical Indian dance. Its main styles - Odissi, Bharat Natyam and Mohini Attam are represented. Not only the dancers' clothes are important but different dance poses in which these dolls are depicted as well. Dolls that represented characters of the theatre performance Kathakali also give a very exact image of the most difficult make-up - a constituent part of each character of Mahabharata or Ramayana epics.

he exhibition India in Dolls was presented by Consulate General of Republic of India in St.Petersburg.