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Этнографические предметы

Этнографические предметы

Этнографические предметы

Хор ингерманландских финнов Пиетарин куоро

The word "Ingria" dates back to the name of the XVII c. Swedish province that became a part of Russia in 1721. To this day Finno-Ugric peoples live on this territory: Izhoras, Vods and Ingrian Finns. The whole exhibition calls attention to the history and culture of the indigenous population of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast.

The exhibition was prepared for St. Petersburg's tricentennial with the assistance of the Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg.

Organizers of the exhibition are the Kunstkamera Museum, the Museum Center "Vapriikki" (in Tampere, Finland) and the Society of Ingrian Finns, "Inkerin Liitto."

The Museum "Vapriikki" (in Tampere, Finland) prepared posters which expound the principal stages and relative aspects of the history and culture of the Finno-Ugric peoples of Ingria, first and foremost that of the Finns.

The Kunstkamera is displaying the ethnographic collection by Theodore Schwindt, assembled at the end of the XIX c.

The Society of Ingrian Finns, "Inkerin Liitto," presents ethnographic objects of the XIX-XX c. and photographs taken in recent years of Finnish churches in Ingria and landscape photography show: "On the Land of the Ancestors."

Through such examples, the exhibition demonstrates the traditional culture of these peoples from the pre-Petrine period to the present day. It may be called the first exhibition in 70 years to be devoted to the peoples actually of Ingria.

The exhibition is of great international significance, especially for Finland and Russia, whose inhabitants know very little about the indigenous population of Ingria.

The opening of the exhibition is timed to coincide with the Russian publication of "Ingria. Story of the Peoples and Culture of Ingria," a book written by Dr. Lassi Saressalo, Head of the Department of Cultural Affairs in the city of Tampere and Associate Professor at the City of Turku University.

On February 25 at the Kunstkamera Museum, a press conference dedicated to the opening of the temporary exhibition was held. Those who took part in the press conference are the Kunstkamera director, Dr. Y.K. Chistov, the Museum Center "Vapriikki" (in Tampere, Finland) director, Mr. Toimi Jaatinen; head of the Department of Cultural Affairs of Tampere city, Dr. Lassi Saressalo; the President of the Society of Ingrian Finns, "Inkerin Liitto" in St.-Petersburg A.I.Kirjanen, Irina Santto, Consul of Consulate General of Finland in St.-Petersburg and Kunstkamera research associates Dr. A.I. Teryuokov and O.I. Kon'kova.

"Pietarin Kuoro," a Chorus of Ingrian Finns, appeared at the exhibition's opening.

During the exhibition, an Ingrian Culture Day is planned to be held.

Exhibition curators: Aleksandr Ivanovich Teryuokov, Olga Igorevna Konkova