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Time Off Art


The main idea of the exhibition – the two painters’ meditations about time. The clocks and their mechanisms, the old clock faces, – all these are symbols that gave an impetus to both painters to find a highly extraordinary way of self-expression in creative work. Albert Virky and Valery Shablovsky got acquainted only recently and realized that irrespective of the difference in artistic methods and world outlook they have one theme in common – that of TIME. And so they decided to hold a joint exhibition titled TIME OFF ART. Albert presented a series of collages made up of clocks’ and watches’ mechanisms, Valery displayed paintings and photo installations.

“I want people to open for themselves the beauty of the clocks’ mechanisms; appreciate the delicacy and refinement, as well as a miniature size of ratchets. Besides I would like people, upon looking at my canvasses, start to think about what they are spending their time on, trifling away their life. I see my task in provoking a conversation about time. In the majority of my paintings there is an intrinsic pessimistic idea about inexorability of time”, Albert Virky explains.

Valery Shablovsky adheres to another approach to the TIME problem. Carrying out artistic experiments he creates unique works of art, disclosing the mysteries of TIME. “Art is subjective, I was always eager to get out of its limits into the objective reality, which I discovered in the clocks’ faces – genuine witnesses and symbols of TIME”, he says.

All the clocks’ faces in Valery’s works lack hands. In the painter’s opinion they are the symbols of TIME, flowing away into ETERNITY.

Only a small segment of works from the painters’ projects made during many years of creative activity is represented at this exhibition. 

Valery Shablovsky

Graduated from the Arts Academy named after V.I. Mukhina.
Until 1993 Valery Shablovsky works in the artistic group titled Parallel,which united the followers of the Russian avant-gardism of the beginning of the 20th century.

1985. The works by Valery Shablovsky were included in the collection of the World Graphics Encyclopedia (UNESCO).
In 1987 – 1998 in St. Petersburg five personal exhibitions of the painter were held:
1987 – Exhibition Hall of the Painters’ Union; Okhta
1988 – Exhibition Hall of the Writers’ Union;
1995 – “Borey” (Boreas) Gallery “Signs of Cultures”;
1995 – “Ars” Publishing House; “Manuscripts” 2
Since 1993 the artist is engaged not only in painting, but in photography and installations as well. 2000 – He participated in the “Mi-Art” exhibition, Milano, Italy.
2001 – Valery Shablovsky participated in the exposition titled ”Abstractionism in Russia 20th century”. The painting “Blue Time” displayed there was purchased by the State Russian Museum.
2002 – Valery Shablovsky organized an event within the project series “Seeing Sculpture” in St. Petersburg. The works of the painter are also displayed at the exhibition “St. Petersburg in Black and White”, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.
Since 2003 the painter is seriously fond of video-art.
2004 – his work “Solo for Excavator” took part in the CEC Artslink program:
“New Russian Video” in the “Art in General” Gallery, New-York.
2006 – Valery Shablovsky takes part in the exhibition “Collage in Russia”, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

The works by Valery Shablovsky are on display in the State Russian Museum collection (St. Petersburg, Russia), and are also present in private collections in Russia, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Finland, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Italy.

Virki Albert

1992 – Graduated from a Technological College.
1997 – 2000 – Studied at the Institute of Management and Economy, PR specialist. 2005 – 2006 – graduated the Courses of Psychology.
1998 – Engaged in collage technique.
2000 – Had a first personal exhibition “Mechanichal Collage” at the Forum Art Gallery, June 2 -30, 2000.
2001 – A highly popular “Cynic” Club was decorated with his paintings.