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Вундеркамера - Камера чудесThe Exposition WUNDERKAMMER - CHAMBER OF WONDERS. KUNST- UND NATURALIENKAMMER OF FRANCKE'S ESTABLISHMENTS IN HALLE, was prepared by Frankesche Stiftung (Francke Institute) Foundation from Halle An Der Saale city, and provided for display by the Goethe Institute of St. Petersburg supported by Saxony-Anhalt Land (state), eastcentral Germany.

The basis of the exhibition is made up of plane tables illustrating the composition and the principles of display of this German Wunderkammer of the 18th century.

The exhibition opens up a page of the German culture history poorly known in Russia, that is of the composition and activities of the Kunst- und Naturalienkammer in the city of Halle, founded in 1698 by August Hermann Francke. Restored in 1995 Kunst- und Naturalienkammer of the Franckesche Stiftung is the last still whole and safe museum collection of the Barocco epoch in Germany. This establishment used to serve scientific and enlightenment purposes and for a long time was closely connected with the orphanage. According to the principle of encyclopedic knowledge the collection consisted of departments, typical for the Kunstkammer of the time: minerals, shells, objects of history and culture of the peoples of the globe, various rarities. There was also a great number of scientific books, instruments and functioning models, which were studied and used in practice by the orphans. The exhibition in particular demonstrates a close interrelation of medicine, pharmaceutics and applied sciences.

Of great interest is the furniture in the museum, which could be used for work and for displaying the exhibits.

The creation history of the Wunderkammer, actively supplied with exhibits by the people of local origin, is closely linked to the Halle's science and industry development. The collection contains exhibits, brought from the West-Indies, North America, India, South-East Asia - from the regions, where the
Lutheran missionaries and tradesmen from Halle were especially enterprising.

The creation history of the Wunderkammer, actively supplied