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"The World of an Object" exhibition series archive

«Churinga: sign of ancestors» 
19.02.2008 – 30.10.2008
Organized by: MAE RAS

«Reed pen» 
19.12.2006 – 18.02.2008
Organized by: MAE RAS

«Ama: Chuvash woman’s talisman»
01.12.2005 – 18.12.2006
Organized by: MAE RAS with support by St. Petersburg Chuvash Society.

«Botsi: wolf mask from Dagestani settlement Shaitli»
01.03.2005 – 30.11.2005
Organized by: MAE RAS

«Chinese compass (Chinese travel sun-clock with compass needle from first Kunstkamera collections)»
09.10.2004 – 02.03.2005
Organized by: MAE RAS. The exhibition was prepared for Chinese culture Festival in St.Petersburg.

«Quetzalcoatl the Feather-Serpent»
12.04.2003 – 08.10.2004
Organized by: MAE RAS with support of Institute of Latin America RAS. Exhibition is prepared for international forum “St. Petersburg – window to Ibero-America”.

«Aleksey Strelnikov’s Vertep» 
27.12.2002 – 31.01.2003
Organized by: MAE RAS
Partner: Aleksey Strelnikov’s Saint-Petersburg Vertep Theatre.

«First ethnographic description of whole Russia: book by academician J.G. Georgi»
13.09.2002– 27.12.2002
Organized by: MAE RAS

«Admiral’s gift (Norwegian beer mug from K.N. Posyet's collection)»
19.03.2002– 12.09.2002
Organized by: MAE RAS

«Wheel of life»
21.12.2001– 17.03.2002
Organized by: MAE RAS

«Kazakh Saukele (female wedding headdress: from Sakas to Kazakhs through millenniums)»
18.09.2001– 18.12.2001
Organized by: MAE RAS

«Venus of the Ice age»
17.07.2001– 16.09.2001
Organized by: MAE RAS

«Arsenius’s Astrolabe»
15.05.2001– 16.08.2001
Organized by: MAE RAS