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Admiral’s gift. Norwegian mug.

(World of an Object)

Russian statesman, admiral of Russian fleet, honorary member of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences Konstantin Nikolayevich Posyet (1819-1899) has bequeathed a large number of exhibits from countries he had visited to Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) in 1899. Among them is a carved wooden beer mug, brought by him from Norway in 1870.

That year Alexander II has sent to northern seas three military ships under command of Vice-admiral K.N. Posyet. While performing scientific researches under guidance of academician A.F. Middendorff, the flagship corvette “Varyag” had to visit cities in North Norway in order to solve border matters.

Great Duke Alexei Alexadrovich (1850-1908) took part in this cruise in a rank of lieutenant, giving special significance to visits of Norwegian ports. In all cities the guests were given a hearty welcome.

Mug, brought and bequeathed to the Museum, is a piece of mastership of Norwegian artists – wood carvers of XIX cent. Since Viking times Norwegians were famous for their exquisite carved wooden items. Wooden sculptures were used for decorating medieval Norwegian churches; carved wooden utensils were widely used at households.

In XIX century Norwegian masters restored ancient traditions. Lars Kinsarvik took interest to ancient Viking style. Ule Ulsen-Muen created his own Baroque-based style, which is used in exhibit, offered to your attention.

Exhibition is organized with financial support of General Consulate of Kingdom of Norway in St. Petersburg.

Exhibition will be open from March to September 2002.