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Alexander Abashkin

Specialist in Indian languages and history who, in recent years, has become increasingly involved in different media and new information technologies projects (among them: "Oriental Faberge, 2003-2004, "The Qur'an of 'Uthman"). For many years, he had been one of the directors of the Stanford University program in Moscow. He currently heads a leading Moscow business-training company.


Kristina Guertsovskaya

Editor-in-chief of the Production Center "Petersburg - Century XXI";Author and Director of TV Program "Petersburgers"; - Board of Directors"Petersburg"; VGTRK. Winner of the Prize "Disabled in the Russian Society". Winner of the "Journalist Mastery" Prize of the Russian Union of Journalists (2003).


Slava Makarov

A renowned Russian producer and film director, he was for many years ARD, REUTERS and BBC representative in St. Petersburg. His projects include the TV marathons "Chernobyl" and "Revival", popular TV serials and serial programs "The Streets of the Broken Lights", "Our Town", "Citizens of St. Petersburg" and "From the Reliable Sources". For many years, he was the Director of the information broadcasting of the Channel 6 TV Company. He is now the producer of the TV studio at the "St. Petersburg" branch of the Russian State TV and Radio Company. Slava Makarov was received numerous professional awards and prizes.


Andrew Melnikov

Deputy Director of the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera). Having graduated as a production engineer, he became a specialist in the creation and maintenance of computer systems and media support for the museum and publication projects ("The Qur'an and its World", 2001, "Oriental Faberge", 2003-2004, "The Qur'an of 'Uthman"). He has a wealth of experience in the organisation and realization of varied Internet projects.


Tanya Fyodorova

Photo artist. For many years, Fyodorova worked at the "Studio K" architectural studio. Her works have been published in popular magazines, scientific journals and books, and in museum publications. Her personal exhibitions focused on her participation in the exhibition and research projects "The World of Islam" and "The Expeditions Continue"


Yuri Chistov

Director of the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera).