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In search of the Qur'an of 'Uthman

(52 minutes, Efim Rezvan & Sasha Abashkin, Alef studio, Russia)

The film is devoted to the history of discovery of one of the most ancient copies of the Qura'n in the world, which was venerated by Muslims as the sacred relic stained with the blood of caliph Uthman as many believed.

The shooting took place in forsaken mountain kishlaks of Uzbekistan where up to now great Muslim relics are preserved. The important fragments of the Qur'anic manuscript were discovered among them. The local old residents and among them native Arabs who preserved their language supply the researchers with the ancient legends connected with the manuscript.

The Qur'anic copy has been sold in parts. KGB confiscated it:. The manuscript was preserved together with the khirka (sacred shroud) of the Prophet Muhammad, the holy symbol of power in Islamic lands. It was this khirka which was used by Taliban head Mullah 'Umar when he declared himself the sovereign over all the Islamic world.

The manuscript was venerated as the prototype of all the Qur'anic copies. Its fantastic history is connected the destinies of dynasties, states, Sufi brotherhoods.