Опознание неизвестной: фотография гр-ки Ц. Н. И., череп и pеконструированное лицо по черепу

Identification of the unknown: photograph of TS.N.I., cranium and a face reconstructed from the cranium



Mikhail Gerasimov’s Career
Mikhail Gerasimov as an Archaeologist
Reconstruction of the Face from the Cranium
The Predecessors
Elaboration of the method
Stages in the reconstruction process
Fields of application
Forensic examination
Paleoanthropology and population history
Reconstructing the appearance of historical personalities.
Further development of the method
“Sinanthropus” (Member of the Species Homo Erectus)
Homo Neanderthalensis (Neanderthal man)
Neanderthal Child from Teshik-Tash
People of the Upper Paleolithic
People of the Mesolithic
People of the Early Iron Age
Drawings by M.M. Gerasimov