Reconstructing the appearance of historical personalities.

Gerasimov got the widest fame by having reconstructed the true appearance of a number of prominent personalities of the past. “I am a historian,” he said, “my dream is to create a portrait gallery of historical personalities.”

The story of each reconstruction could have been a subject of an original narration. Russian princes Yaroslav the Wise, Andrey Bogolyubsky, Vsevolod “the Powerful Aurochs”; Ivan the Terrible, “sovereign of entire Rus”, and his son Fedor Ivanovich, Asia’s conqueror Timur (Tamerlan) and his descendants; Scythian king Skilur, physician and philosopher Avicenna, the poets Rudaki and Friedrich Schiller, Maria Dostoyevskaya, Admiral Ushakov, Haji-Murat, Aleksandr Parkhomenko – this is a very incomplete list of his works.

Prince Yaroslav the Wise (978 - 1054). Reconstruction by M.M. Gerasimov, 1939
Shahrukh (1377-1447), Timur’s son, ruler of Samarkand. Reconstruction by M.M. Gerasimov.Ulugbek (1394-1449) – Timur’s grandson, ruler of Samarkand, prominent astronomer and mathematician. Reconstruction by M.M. Gerasimov, 1942.
Abu-Abdullo Rudaki   (mid-800s- 914). Tadjik poet. Reconstruction by M.M. Gerasimov. 1957Skilur, Scythian king. 2nd century BC. Reconstruction by M.M. Gerasimov, 1946.