In the lives of Jeynov people, as well as in the lives of all Muslims, bread plays a key role. Delicious flat bread baked in a huge clay oven (tandyr) is an essential part of and decoration for every meal. If a person has to leave his or her family, he/she takes a piece of bread with him/her and keeps it during the voyage. The other part of the bread is kept at home. According to legend the travelling person is bound to come back to eat the remaining part of the bread.

Offering special prayers, parents put bread under the pillow of a newborn child - the holy bread will chase away evil spirits.

When the families of bride and groom discuss the possibilities of future marriage, men of both families perform a rite of bread breaking accompanied with a special prayer. Pieces of the bread are given to relatives, unmarried girls and boys, with wishes for a happy marriage.

1. Bread and Hands
2. Ears

1. Flat Bread
2. Nontak - special instrument for drawing patterns on bread

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