Circumcision is one of the most important traditions in the community, indicating that a boy belongs to the Islamic community. In Jeynov, boys are usually circumcised before they reach the age of 7, the ceremony being performed during their odd years (1, 3, 5, 7). Circumcision is a holiday for all the relatives and neighbours. At the appointed time, well-dressed boys and adults gather in the room prepared for the ceremony and offer a prayer.

The performer of the ceremony measures the boy's foreskin with a special sharp stick, and fixes it with a soft clip. One movement of a razor - and the ceremony is over. Some cotton sterilized by fire 5 minutes earlier is applied to the wound for antiseptic purposes. The boy's lower abdomen is covered with an embroidered skullcap. After the ceremony, the closest relatives and friends have a feast in celebration.

The next day the wound is cleansed with hydrogen peroxide and cotton oil. This treatment is repeated 2 or 3 times.

1. Circumcision
2. A Jeynov Citizen in Traditional Head-Dress

1. Tools for Circumcision: measuring stick (a), soft bamboo clip (b), razor (c)
2. An Embroidered skullcap

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