The Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (the Kunstkamera) Russian Academy of Sciences will soon be celebrating its 300th anniversary. For the occasion, it is planning a series of exhibitions under the title "The Expeditions Are Not Over." The exhibitions are connected with a number of research and media projects that involve the participation of several other organizations. The Museum is a major research centre, studying the cultural heritage of mankind. It follows the best traditions of Russian travellers, ethnographers and anthropologists of the 18-20th centuries. The exhibitions in question are to be organized at the Museum's special exhibition facilities, and represent contemporary expeditions.

The exhibitions (up to 12 exhibitions a year) are to take place at the gallery of original Museum building on the Universitetskaya Embankment. The projects are characterized by the broad use of new informational and media technologies.

Among the exhibition series one can distinguish two particular projects - "Faces of Russia", a multimedia representation of the peoples living on the territory of the Russian Federation (in total, about 150 peoples). The project is being conducted in cooperation with the Rosbalt Information Agency and Saint Petersburg - 21st Century Producer Centre. The World of Islam gives a representation of Muslim peoples around the globe (conducted in cooperation with the partners mentioned above, as well as with several international organizations).

The project is helping the Museum to open a new permanent exhibition area and to represent the works of St. Petersburg research programs, their discoveries and achievements, and the romantic appeal of research work.