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Macedonian Ethnographic Collection

Collection including articles of women's costume, homeware and musical instruments of the Macedonians was taken up within Macedonian historical and ethnographic expedition of the Imperial Academy of Sciences in 1900 in North-West, South, South-West, West regions of Macedonia.

The expedition was organized by Petersburg Academy of Sciences by the order of its President - Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich. The main task was to gather materials for historical and ethnographic study of Macedonia, establish academic, historic, archeological and philological bases to state political question, formulated by Macedonia's position in Turkish Empire upon Berlin Congress in 1878, as well as to define place and relations of Macedonia towards the peoples of neighboring countries and Balkan peninsular in whole.

Macedonian historical and ethnographic expedition was headed by Nikodim Pavlovich Kondakov - historian of Byzantine and Old Russian art, academician of Petersburg Academy of Sciences. The expedition team included historian, political writer P. N. Milyukov, architect P. P. Pokryshkin, artist and photographer D. K. Kraynev.

The ethnographic collection was taken up by expedition member Petr Alekseevich Lavrov [6 (18).9.1856, Yaroslavl, - 24.11.1929, Leningrad], - Slavonic scholar, expert in old Russian literature, professor of Novorossiysk (since 1898) and St. Petersburg (since 1900) Universities, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, Russian Language and Literature Department (1902), academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1923), chairman of the Slavonic Commission with the Academy of Sciences (1924 [?]), corresponding member of Serbian Academy of Sciences (since 1906), Czech (since 1907), Yugoslavian (since 1911). Within Macedonian historic and ethnographic expedition of the Academy of Sciences P. A. Lavrov had to gather material for linguistic description of folk language and dialects.

The results of expedition research were published by N. P. Kondakov in the book dedicated to the President of the Academy of Sciences, Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich, "Makedonia. Arheologicheskoye opsisanie" (St. Petersburg, 1909). Illustrated edition includes overview of historic data on Macedonian Slavs, historic ethnography of the Bulgarians, historic review of folk costumes and headdress of Macedonian Slavs, cultural and historic stages of Macedonia, description of ancient Christian monuments in cities and suburbs of Saloniki, Skopje, Kumanovo, Prishtina, Grachanitsa, Bitola, Ohird.




Chemises and kaftans


Aprons and belts


Stockings, socks, shoes


Household articles


Musical instruments


Costume scenes