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The Bazaar

In the past, the men in Yemenite tribes were disdainful of trade, and gave this task to intermediaries from the hereditary dallal group. Today, members of all traditional social groups are involved in trade at permanent markets and temporary fairs held during seasonal pilgrimages to the graves of Muslim righteous men. At the modern market, besides standard units of measurement, local measures are also used. Height or depth is measured by the height of an adult man with a raised arm (qama), by a fathom, elbow, span and by fingers. The measure of area is a matira (box for palm dates), and the dry measure is a musra (about one litre). For over two centuries the weight of silver has been calculated in the talers of the Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresia (23.386 grams). Like everywhere in the Middle East, the Yemeni bazaar is a theatre with bright decorations and with its own rules of behaviour. Bargaining is compulsory!

 Dry measure — musra. Wood. Hadramawt.
Dry measure — musra. Wood. Hadramawt.

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