The Expeditions Are not Over

In November 2004 Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography opened the first exhibition of the cycle “The Expeditions Are not Over”.

These exhibitions not only resemble the famous scholarly traditions and national expedition projects of the 18th—19th centuries, thanks to which one of the most important ethnographic collections in the world was gathered at MAE. The expeditions continue. Museum scholars go on new journeys every year, and bring back new collections and interesting scholarly materials.

A special feature of the project is its comprehensiveness, when simultaneously items of traditional culture are displayed and photographs and videos are shown, graphically illustrating their use in real life. The exhibition space thus gains a third dimension, and the viewer has the impression of being present, and gets a feeling of actuality in the presentation of the cultural and scholarly information.

Prof. Efim Rezvan   is the initiator and scholarly head of the project.

Exhibitions of the cycle “The Expeditions Are not Over”:  

2004―2005, Saint-Petersburg  ― Tampere. “Jeynov ― ‘We A rrived’ (The Arabs of Uzbekistan. Images of Traditional Culture)”;

2006, Saint–Petersburg. “Plattes Land: Symbols of North Germany”;

2007, Surgut. “Old Timers: Traditional Culture of Yugra Old Residents”;

2008, Saint–Petersburg. “ The Land of Incense (Yemen: Images of Traditional Culture)”.