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"Ethnographic album of Diko-kamennye Kirgiz of Bogintsy tribe": map of Issyk-kul lake
№ 116-1
Colored embroidery on tobacco pouch
И 1629-43
Boxes of trunk "kebezhe"
№ 2519-37
И 1200-9
Portrait of man (22 years old)
И 541-69
Prosperous fisherman's house in Pustozersk district
И 1498-108
Ornament on food storage trunk
№ 2519-1
Needle case
И 122-71
Marriage proposal in a yourt
И 122-77
"Description of types of diko-kamennyje, bolshoi ordy Kirgiz, few types of Chinese Kalmyks, peopel from Tashkent and Kashgar": two men, from the right side - interpreter of Russian language of sultan Tezek
№ 2643-2/7
Women's part in a yourt
И 1629-106
Ornament on mate made of steppe grass
№ 2519-31
Belt decoration of ancient women's festival cloths
И 1629-49
Trousers stripe
№ 1680-3
Embroidery on turn-ups
И 1629-59
Matchmaker's headdress
И 1629-73
Burkhanists' sacrificial place
И 122-91
Cover of a table
И 1629-114
Table with a cover
И 1629-116
"Ethnographic album of Diko-kamennye Kirgiz of Bogintsy tribe": samples of geological rocks
№ 116-23
Total found on query: 913