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Portrait of woman, 29-year old (side face)
И 128-36
Scene in Samarkand street
№ 2696-30b
Wall protector against rain
И 1830-1249
Pole to tier dogs
И 1830-1226
Collective farm's cattle resting at the Angara river
И 1830-513
Peasants at vegetable storehouse
И 1800-60
Hotel in collective farm
И 1918-393
Fragment of building ceramic revetment in Khiva
И 1342-58
Two-wheel cart with box
И 1830-395
Children at terrace steps of middle peasant's house
И 1228-911
Arrival of Djemnah steamboat in Djibouti
№ 4028-73
Shovelling clay
№ 4061-86
№ 4275-61
Women at the circumcision festival
И 1918-280
Women with children
№ 4028-463
Terrace steps of dwelling
И 1830-486
Dmitri Olderogge, the Head of African Ethnography Department
И 1370-83/6
View of summer village
№ 2446-19
Place of prayings of Burkhanizm adepts
№ 4122-1
A sphinx
№ 4028-39
Total found on query: 47,209