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peoples of Central Asia/
Mazar - tomb on grave of prosperous Kazakh
И 1864-1125
Schoolchildren with teacher
И 1864-856
Rehearsal of amateur brass band in social club at mine No 20
И 1864-1059
Interior of Kazakh yurt
И 1343-21а
Near crossing place on Sirdarya, Kyzyl Orda
И 1343-34
Sheepman with fat-tailed metis lamb
И 1864-216
Square in a new city
И 1864-751
Kounrad copper mine: rock drill
И 1864-427
Mother with daughter and son in festive costumes
№ 3862-1
Activists of collective farm
И 1918-534
Street in "new city"
И 1864-727
Temporary hut during nomadic migration
И 1864-630
Sizdykov, foreman of coal loaders in mine No 1
И 1864-417
Central Kazakhstan museum in the building of former church
И 1864-1094
Crossing-place on Sirdarya, camels on a ferry in Kyzylordinskii region
И 1343-31
In a flat of Itbaev, best miner at mine No 20
И 1864-719
Head of collective farm Smagulov with wife and son
И 1864-810
Girls showing felt carpet - part of dowry
И 2021-650
Family of collective farm's party organiser Khabibulin
И 1864-818
Kulyubaev, cola loader in mine No 18
И 1864-418
Total found on query: 1,385