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peoples of Central Asia/
Fortress wall
№ 2662-13
Building of mud dwelling
И 1864-663
Scenes of Muhtar Auezov's play "Englik-kebek"
И 1864-1077
Camel with pack in Kyzylordinskii region
И 1343-42
Collective farm's raspberry-yard plowing
И 1864-280
Miners' children in kindergarten at mine named after Kirov
И 1864-1029
School for illiterates in Talanker collective farm
И 1864-854
Scene of Gabit Musrepov's play "Amangeldy"
И 1864-1086
Lesson in seven-year school
И 1864-886
Balkhash copper smeltery: master of drying compartment: Shinarbek Baitemirov
И 1864-460
Flat of Sambek Nursulov - worker at Kostek sheep collective farm
И 1864-665
Nomad camp
И 1864-628
Spectators at amateur performance
И 1864-1056
Crossing of Sirdarya on a boat in Kyzylordinskii region
И 1343-33
Tusun Kuzembayev, head of mine No 1 with family
И 1864-419
Scene of Kazakh play "Bekty"
И 1864-1093
Return from hay harvest
И 1864-334
View of old mosque
№ 2662-1
Standard houses of best miners at mines No 20 and 18
И 1864-730
Komsomol members
И 1864-899
Total found on query: 1,385