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Anatomic specimens of Frederick Ruysch/
wet specimens
Preparation of child's arm
МАЭ № 4070-2
Three injected kidneys of children
МАЭ № 4070-560
Part of stomach with beginning of intestine without injection
МАЭ № 4070-510
Dissected urinary bladder of a juvenile
МАЭ № 4070-573
Injected dissected kidney of newborn, without capsule
МАЭ № 4070-553
Injected cut kidney of child without capsule
МАЭ № 4070-561
Injected kidney of child in capsule with adrenal
МАЭ № 4070-563
Glans penis with two side openings instead of normal external urethral opening
МАЭ № 4070-599
End part of tongue of big animal
МАЭ № 4070-515
Part of Injected kidney of an adult with capsule
МАЭ № 4070-566
Injected dissected kidney of child, without capsule
МАЭ № 4070-549
Injected kidney of child with adrenal
МАЭ № 4070-558
Cross section and end part of penis of large animal
МАЭ № 4070-592
Injected kidney of child cut along
МАЭ № 4070-567
Injected specimen of perineal and pelivs of juvenile-hermaphrodite
МАЭ № 4070-588
Part of hepar with ganglial degeneration
МАЭ № 4070-524
Part of hepar with ganglial degeneration
МАЭ № 4070-520
Injected right arm of a newborn bandaged by lacy napkin
МАЭ № 4070-8
Right arm of a child
МАЭ № 4070-4
Dissected urinary bladder of an adult with stone
МАЭ № 4070-574
Total found on query: 681