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Collective farmer Aysat Uralova in modern wear of national cut
И 1918-402
Market in Tspeya village
И 1747-140
Darvoz in Hodgjeili
И 1381-296
Front of Yelagin's palace
И 1228-952
At bazaar
И 1785-127
Girl combing wool
И 1228-865
Window frames on closed house of middle peasant
И 1228-1080
Chercher: mules caravan
№ 4028-309
Old log house of former rich peasant
И 1228-1076
Fur selling
№ 2187-14
Cannabis planting
И 1228-743
Townsmen and women returning from prayings
И 294-141
Fragment of woollen strip of carpet with ornament, 10-th aul of Kara - Uziakskii region
И 1381-256
Rye thrashing
И 1228-836
Fellow of the Far East Department G.A. Glovatsky at work trip in China
Peasant woman in traditional home-made cloths riding horse
И 1228-707
Reed yurt-looking building in Kyzylordinskii region
И 1343-23
Horses at watreing place
И 1228-1052
Interior of kitchen
И 1228-289
Cutting and sewing: woman breaking a fabric
№ 3556-61
Total found on query: 47,215