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Types of Trans-Baikal. Orochon man transporting a child in taiga
МАЭ № 10-248-1АРХИВ
Types of Trans-Baikal. The Orochons nomadising by the North of Trans-Baikal
МАЭ № 10-250-1АРХИВ
Imperial Academy of Sciences. Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography: Nivkh man in winter cloths (Sakhalin island)
МАЭ № 10-1186-5АРХИВ
"Nivkh man" in cloths made of fish skin (mannequin)  (photo by L.A. Venyukov for "Ethnography of Irkutsk government")
МАЭ № 10-1258-5АРХИВ
Shaman of the Gilyaks
МАЭ № 10-221-1АРХИВ
Total found on query: 3,785