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peoples of Europe
painted. Russian types: trio of horses
И 2203-11
painted, llustration to a poem by A.K. Tolstoi "U prikaznykh vorot sobiralsya narod..."
№ 10-107-1АРХИВ
painted. Three travellers at mountain top
№ 4280-84
photographic. Hook men
№ 10-89-1АРХИВ
painted. Rzeszow costumes (l'Atlas des costumes populaires polonais).
И 2011-30
photographic. Rome, coloumn of Antonin
№ 4280-7
painted. Regional cortege in honor of King Ferdinand's coronation in 1836: wedding wagon from Chrudimsko
№ 4280-147
painted. Men's festival costume. Toarps curacy, As region, West Gotland
№ 1166-53
photographic. Folklore group of Banat
И 2011-58
Athenes: view of Parthenon
№ 4280-125
painted. View of Nurnberg
№ 4280-185
photographic. Sandomierskie last sheaf
№ 10-605-3АРХИВ
painted. Folk costume of the Zanavyakai women
И 2011-8
painted. Rzeszow region costumes
И 2011-46
painted. Kujawa women's and men's costumes (l'Atlas des costumes populaires polonais)
И 2011-23
photographic. Rome, St. Giovanni in Laterano and Pope's palace
№ 4280-13
Bonn, house where Beethoven was born
№ 4280-192
Peasants of South Volga Region
И 2203-27
photographic. The Hebrews from Galicia: portrait of aged woman
№ 2702-3
photographic. German National Museum: view of the western yard as it was
№ 1166-4
Total found on query: 1,296