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peoples of Europe
painted. Male folk costume
И 2011-18
postcard. View of king's castle in Krakow
№ 530-11
postcard. In St.Anthonys church
№ 530-12
photographic. Land of the Hutsul
№ 10-458-3АРХИВ
painted. Tirol. Men and women in ancient Groden costumes
№ 4280-93
photographic. Travelling by Bessarabia: fishermen's huts
№ 10-128-1АРХИВ
painted. Toy carvers
№ 10-1138-5АРХИВ
Russian types: midday
И 2203-26
colored. Woman from Dalarna in traditional costume
№ 10-552-3АРХИВ
photographic. Harpoon fishing of the Ural Army at the Ural river
№ 10-488-3АРХИВ
postcard. "To the Hunger village"
№ 2786-12
painted. Folk costume of the Samogitian women
И 2011-3
photographic. Stockholm Nordiska Museet: hall No. 54 - 1730
№ 1166-31
colored. Types of Russia: peasant woman from Ryazan government
№ 10-18-1АРХИВ
photographic. Russian types: peasant children going to field work
№ 10-35-1АРХИВ
colored. Russian types: musicians in a cart
И 2203-9
colored. Types and views of Ukraine: peasants
№ 10-469-3АРХИВ
painted. Misurina Lake
№ 4280-83
painted. St. Valentain's church
№ 4280-72
postcard. Portrait of peasant girl in traditional costume
№ 2702-16
Total found on query: 1,296