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Horse festive harness
МАЭ И 1228-807
An ancient roadside cross at junction "Olonets-Petrozavodsk" post roads
МАЭ И 1228-828
Fishermen from Ilmen lake came for fishery to the Gulf of Finland
МАЭ И 1228-555
A horse in harness
МАЭ И 1228-563
Carved window decoration at middle-peasant's house
МАЭ И 1228-513
A wooden house with garlow
МАЭ И 1228-431
The village favourite half-orphan Mashenka
МАЭ И 1228-624
Two prosperous 19-year-old girls in old festive national costumes and pearl headdresses at a festival
МАЭ И 1228-631
A new stove in middle peasant's house
МАЭ И 1228-682
Traditional Karelian patty-cakes
МАЭ И 1228-810
A wooden house rented out in summer
МАЭ И 1228-448
The middle peasant's house (view from yard)
МАЭ И 1228-461
In middle peasant's house
МАЭ И 1228-507
A Russian-type stove in prosperous peasant's house
МАЭ И 1228-681
Horse work harness
МАЭ И 1228-808
Anna Vdovina (20-year old) at village feast
МАЭ И 1228-610
Rye thrashing
МАЭ И 1228-836
An old carved window frame on middle peasant's house
МАЭ И 1228-460
A wooden house
МАЭ И 1228-447
Peasant woman returning with the wash
МАЭ И 1228-782
Total found on query: 47,215