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Peoples of East Asia
photographic. Ambulate kitchen
№ 10-754-4АРХИВ
colored. Peasants in rain coats at bamboo cutting
№ 10-846-4АРХИВ
colored. Street vegetable seller
№ 10-848-4АРХИВ
photographic. Chinese policemen
№ 10-760-4АРХИВ
painted. View of Ching Shang mount and park
№ 3651-318
painted. Shih Shan mount
№ 3651-347
photographic. Mandjurie
№ 10-93-1АРХИВ
colored. Woman's portrait
№ 10-843-4АРХИВ
photographic. Chinese good fortune teller
№ 10-748-4АРХИВ
photographic. Chinese lady
№ 10-753-4АРХИВ
painted. Cho Wen Chun's Well
№ 3651-352
photographic. Japan. "Kakura" girls at Buddhist temple
№ 10-871-4АРХИВ
painted. Cave temple at West Lake
№ 3651-333
painted. The cedar tree at Yo Fei's Tomb, West Lake
№ 3651-389
photographic. Tha manner of the natives of Hokkaido, Japan
№ 2506-19
photographic. Prosperous Chinese men
№ 10-772-4АРХИВ
photographic. Little Chinese delivery boys
№ 10-762-4АРХИВ
colored. A monument of R. Nakamura, at entrance of the Suwa Park, Nagasaki
№ 10-157-1АРХИВ
photographic. Ceremony of funeral of Mikaso Mutsihito: flames
№ 2939-4
photographic. Rites of the Bear's festival
№ 2506-2
Total found on query: 958