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peoples of Central Asia
A girl carrying a small child
№ 4060-247
Women - commune members washing rice
И 71-460
Scene in Samarkand street
№ 2696-30b
Hotel in collective farm
И 1918-393
Herd of yaks
№ 575-40
Women at the circumcision festival
И 1918-280
Students of Republic courses for directors of red tea houses
И 207-2
Small-scale sellings: mellon and water mellon sellings
И 674-61
Interior of Djumbul jurt
И 1122-83
Fragment of building ceramic revetment in Khiva
И 1342-58
Lesson in 1st grade at school No 12
И 1864-875
№ 3556-22
View of Kungrad
№ 4076-24
The best workers in collective farm "Red Armyman"
И 319-125
Nomads tent (yourt) with fencing
№ 4076-53
Women cooking pilaf
И 1918-227
Hamzat Hodjakov (64-year old), former head of collective farm, delegate to the Supreme Counsil of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic
И 1918-22
Chilpik, right Amu Daria River bank, northward of Sultan-Ush-Dag
И 1342-172
Meeting of the Chief of Trans-Caspian region Lieutenant General Usakovsky
№ 2116-77
Portrait of men in traditional costumes
И 1906-15
Total found on query: 9,950