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Peoples of East Asia/
photographic. Chinese funeral
№ 10-765-4АРХИВ
painted. Summer Emperor's Palace (Yihe Yuan park)
№ 3651-306
painted. Country scene
№ 3651-340
painted. View of West Lake
№ 3651-336
painted. View of West lake
№ 3651-327
painted. View of the Thunder Peak Pagoda
№ 3651-337
painted. View of West lake
№ 3651-349
photographic. Manchuria: travelling musicians
№ 10-777-4АРХИВ
painted. The Chu-Yung pass in the Great Wall
№ 3651-391
photographic. Chinese policeman
№ 10-747-4АРХИВ
painted. The West Gate of Paodingfu
№ 3651-388
photographic. Carpenters building a house
№ 10-775-4АРХИВ
postcard. The willows
№ 3651-356
photographic. A macaroni seller by the roadside who makes coolies thier particular customer
№ 10-773-4АРХИВ
painted. Twin Peaks amidst the clouds
№ 3651-338
painted. Bridge of the eight immortals
№ 3651-392
painted. Ruines of palace destroied by the European troops during the Boxers uprising (1899-1901)
№ 3651-315
painted. View of a lake ("The Middle Sea") in Beijing Winter palace complex
№ 3651-312
painted. Beijing station of the Beijing-Hankow railway
№ 3651-308
photographic. The coolies taking dinner
№ 10-781-4АРХИВ
Total found on query: 103