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Peoples of East Asia
photographic. Harvest of wheat
№ 2513-12
colored. The curiosity shop where exhibited many curious and valuabl articles
№ 10-844-4АРХИВ
painted. Swimming pool
№ 3651-343
photographic. A water cart
№ 10-756-4АРХИВ
painted. The Pao-Su pagoda at the West lake
№ 3651-331
colored. The temple of Heaven
№ 3651-305
painted. Bird's eye view of Lihwa
№ 3651-353
painted. Woman's portrait
№ 10-861-4АРХИВ
photographic. Hairdresser
№ 10-761-4АРХИВ
colored. A street in Korean town
№ 2685-111
photographic. Korean singers in full costumes
И 762-15
photographic. General view of Seoul
И 762-1
photographic. Rice plantation
№ 10-870-4АРХИВ
colored. Types of East Siberia
№ 10-258-1АРХИВ
photographic. Korean man in funeral mourning garments
№ 2685-119
photographic. Manchurian Customs. Tien-Hu-Kung Festival, Dairen. High footed procession in Chinese historical costumes gay with music
№ 10-780-4АРХИВ
photographic. Stretching cloths
№ 2685-116
photographic. Tha manners in Manchuria
№ 10-751-4АРХИВ
colored. Japanese woman riding horse
№ 10-850-4АРХИВ
painted. Young Japan
№ 10-856-4АРХИВ
Total found on query: 958