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Peoples of East Asia
photographic. The funeral of the lady Om
№ 2513-3
painted. View of the President's residence in Beijing
№ 3651-313
painted. The Stone-bell hill
№ 3651-341
painted. Park in old Shanghai
№ 3651-322
painted. Dining
И 762-18
photographic. Woman's portrait
№ 10-842-4АРХИВ
painted. View of Cave Temple
№ 3651-335
colored. A groop of street coolies. the first and the last are clad with straw rain coats, while the one in the center carrying a hunch of provisions purchased from the market
№ 10-769-4АРХИВ
colored. Woman's portrait
№ 10-875-4АРХИВ
photographic. Manchuria: Chinese wooden plow and winnower
№ 10-779-4АРХИВ
photographic. Korean way of land farming.
И 762-6
photographic. Chinese officer and soldiers
№ 10-763-4АРХИВ
painted. Corean artsist
И 762-16
painted. View of Manchu Emperors palace
№ 3651-321
colored. Minister and singers
№ 2513-1
painted. A sign-painter
№ 10-853-4АРХИВ
photographic. The coolies group aside the road. Manchu
№ 10-792-4АРХИВ
photographic. Manchuria: Chinese street kitchen
№ 10-778-4АРХИВ
photographic. Tha manner of the natives of Hokkaido, Japan
№ 2506-14
photographic. Kara monks in Nikko
№ 10-876-4АРХИВ
Total found on query: 958