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peoples of Central Asia/
Rice thrashing in collective farm
МАЭ И 1038-13
Rice field levelling
МАЭ И 1038-11
Building of secondary school
МАЭ И 1038-29
Women-collective farmers threading tobacco
МАЭ И 1038-17
Women in traditional costumes
МАЭ № 4259-4
Peasants at watchman's tent at rice field
МАЭ № 4259-31
Peasants returning from field works
МАЭ № 4259-28
Scene from everyday life
МАЭ № 4259-12
Tarancha - muslim landowner in China region Kuldja
МАЭ № 255-52
Women from family of taranchin - muslim landowner in China region Kuldja
МАЭ № 255-53
Peasants at field wroks
МАЭ № 4259-33
Portrait of girls in traditional costumes
МАЭ И 1038-6
Girls at wedding in festival costumes
МАЭ И 1038-8
Going to field works
МАЭ № 4259-22
A mosque
МАЭ И 1038-24
Group of men
МАЭ № 4259-15
The head of collective farm examining rice
МАЭ И 1038-10
Family portrait
МАЭ № 4259-5
Total found on query: 158