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Specimen of tongue of small child.
МАЭ № 4070-280
Dissected injected small intestine of an adult
МАЭ № 4070-422
Injected small intestine of child with mucosa to the outside
МАЭ № 4070-423
Right auricle of child
МАЭ № 4070-298
Preparation of heart of child
МАЭ № 4070-350
Piece of small intetsine of adult with invagination
МАЭ № 4070-461
Specimen of soft palate of human with tonsils and kion
МАЭ № 4070-265
Specimen of external nose of child
МАЭ № 4070-287
Injected specimen of stomach with piece of intestines and spleen of child
МАЭ № 4070-402
Injected mucous coat of small intestine of adult
МАЭ № 4070-417
Specimen of tongue of human
МАЭ № 4070-269
Eyeball of bull
МАЭ № 4070-310
Mulberry-like stone from urinary bladder
МАЭ № 4070-585
Lower part of spinal cord of an adult ("horse tail")
МАЭ № 4070-245
Three injected kidneys of children
МАЭ № 4070-560
Tongue, lower lip and part of chin of child
МАЭ № 4070-278
Piece of hemicerebrum of human with pia mater
МАЭ № 4070-223
Part of stomach with beginning of intestine without injection
МАЭ № 4070-510
Preparation of child's arm
МАЭ № 4070-2
Piece of cerebrum of human
МАЭ № 4070-227
Total found on query: 826