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peoples of Central Asia/
Scene of dance
МАЭ И 2035-439
Building of secondary school
МАЭ И 1038-28
A girl
МАЭ И 1038-4
Women at lessons under campaign against illiteracy
МАЭ И 1038-43
Portrait of young  man
МАЭ № 4259-10
Political meeting  dedicated to bread provision
МАЭ № 4259-6
Portrait of women-collective farmer
МАЭ И 1038-3
Portrait of young communist, order bearer, delegate of the Supreme Soviet of the Kirgiz SSR
МАЭ И 1038-35
Resting during field works
МАЭ № 4259-26
Portrait of aged man
МАЭ № 4259-8
Portrait of man
МАЭ № 4259-9
Portrait of teachers' school best student
МАЭ И 1038-31
Peasants going to town
МАЭ № 4259-40
Portrait of poet Yasyr Shivaza
МАЭ И 1038-40
Group portrait of girls
МАЭ И 1038-7
Women-collective farmers threading tobacco
МАЭ И 1038-46
The Types of Central Asia Peoples album: Donxiang man, 24-year old
МАЭ И 2205-57
The Donxiangs musical ensemble
МАЭ И 1038-39
Land use wroks
МАЭ № 4259-42
Women in festive costumes
МАЭ № 4259-3
Total found on query: 158