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peoples of Central Asia/
Handing over rice from public barns
МАЭ № 4259-35
The Types of Central Asia Peoples album: Donxiang man, 49-year old
МАЭ И 2205-56
At common boiler
МАЭ № 4259-39
МАЭ № 4259-29
Portrait of Tangut man
МАЭ № 643-27
Woman in festive costume (front)
МАЭ № 4259-2
Eating house for peasants during wokrs on rice fields
МАЭ № 4259-37
Legend and folc epic teller, singer of ancinet songs with children
МАЭ И 1038-37
Rice planting
МАЭ № 4259-21
Treating fields for rice planting
МАЭ № 4259-20
A mosque
МАЭ И 1038-23
Rake field tillage
МАЭ И 1038-14
Rice straw harvest in collective farm
МАЭ И 1038-15
Resting during field works
МАЭ № 4259-27
Portrait of woman-collective farmer
МАЭ И 1038-2
Scene of harvest
МАЭ И 1038-42
Rice thrashing in collective farm
МАЭ И 1038-13
Rice field levelling
МАЭ И 1038-11
Building of secondary school
МАЭ И 1038-29
Women-collective farmers threading tobacco
МАЭ И 1038-17
Total found on query: 158