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peoples of Central Asia/
Torkho, Tsendenbal and Dmba Choyunov
И 2021-349
Elena Choyunova with her daughter Torko
И 2021-687
Woman in national coat which she starts wearing every day since September
И 2021-661
Petr Choyunov in national garment
И 2021-678
Roza Bodushina showing traditional coat
И 2021-631
Women making felt
И 2021-640
Grandmother with grandchildren
И 2021-255
The Choyunovs family
И 2021-675
Girls' upper garment
И 2021-705
И 2021-712
Show of girls' headwear, headdress, decorations
И 2021-724
Woman in national coat standing at her yourt
И 2021-662
Women making felt
И 2021-638
Woman in traditional outwear
И 2021-343
Roza Bodushina demonstrating girls' headwear and garment
И 2021-660
Girls' upper garment (back view)
И 2021-707
Vera Dyakonova and Elena Choyunova
И 2021-684
Torkho Choyunova - graduated from the 10th grade and works in collective farm as odd hand
И 2021-350
Woman in traditional wear
И 2021-626
Temporary dwelling of the young merrieds
И 2021-323
Total found on query: 41