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Children riding donkey
И 417-136
Grouyp of chidlren in the streets of Bisrka
И 417-19
Women at well
И 417-159
Kabylia landscape
И 417-119
In the palm groves of Biskra
И 417-23
Young weavers used to perform the finest and most comlex work.
№ 1002-33/2
View of Algerie
И 417-83
View of Casbah district in Algire
И 417-168
Girl from Java
№ 7425-17
Tripod stand to lift and mount the main gun
№ 529-26
Jagannatha temple in Puri.
№ 1002-88/2
Kabylia landscape
И 417-122
Horse caravan in desert
И 417-132
View of Algerie
И 417-155
Portrait of fruit seller
№ 529-7
In the streets of Biskкa
И 417-30
Small-scale sellings: mellon and water mellon sellings
И 674-61
Cremation at the Ganges.
№ 1002-73/2
Soldier in service dress
№ 529-25
Gate in Hyderabad the largest and richest princedom.
№ 1002-89/2
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