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photographic. Hunters' huts at the Karaulnaya river
№ 10-176-1АРХИВ
painted. A hunter
№ 10-1485-6АРХИВ
photographic. Insbruck: view of Maria-Theresia street
№ 4280-102
colored. Portrait of young woman
№ 10-696-3АРХИВ
Delft, ancient gate
№ 4280-250
photographic. Types of the North. Boy called Antokha
№ 10-204-1АРХИВ
photographic. Laundry
№ 2685-103
Antwerp, statue of Madonna
№ 4280-204
painted. View of West lake
№ 3651-327
painted. Kholmogory figures for bisquits: horseman, cow, dog
И 1266-3
photographic. Stockholm Nordiska Museet: hall No. 4 - Skane
№ 1166-21
colored. Types of Russia: peasant playing balalaika
И 2203-6
painted. Lasztianka
№ 4280-159
painted. Kuvaka - well spring
№ 10-98-1АРХИВ
photographic. The manner of the natives of Hokkaido, Japan
№ 2506-22
photographic. Ancientry of Minusinsk region. Cemetery at battlefield
№ 10-260-1АРХИВ
colored. Koiviston polska (kurkistus) dance
№ 10-701-3АРХИВ
photographic. Yellow Dog
№ 644-30
mezzo-tinto. The 1st tractor Turkmenian school in Ashkhabad. Training tractor-drivers for kolhoz
№ 10-348-1АРХИВ
photographic. Everyday life in a village: Mordovian school girl
№ 10-70-1АРХИВ
Total found on query: 3,929