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Left hand of child with anatomized muscles of brachium
№ 4070-126
Injected cut kidney of child without capsule
№ 4070-561
Injected part of lung
№ 4070-355
Skull cap of infant with injected periosteum and dura mater
№ 4070-895
Pathologically changed bone of a bird's leg
№ 4070-851
Lengthwise cut degenerated shin bone of adult
№ 4070-847б
Injected small intestine of child with mucosa to the outside
№ 4070-423
Layer of gigantically enlarged testis of man with degenerative thickened walls of seminiferous tubulis
№ 4070-678
Dissected uterus with adnexa
№ 4070-636
Vesicular mole
№ 4070-668
Injected specimen of part of wall of stomach of adult
№ 4070-408
Injected urinary bladder of newborn with umbilical arteris, umbilical ring and part of umbilical cord
№ 4070-576
Part of injected small intestine filled with cotton
№ 4070-540
Piece of cerebellum and brainstem of human
№ 4070-236
Fragment of brain of a human with injected vessels
№ 4070-206
Skull of newborn without lower jaw
№ 4070-874
Two injected kidneys of children, one of them with adrenal
№ 4070-559
Injected intestine of child on mesentery
№ 4070-445
Piece of small intestine with invagination
№ 4070-464
Parenchyma of testicle
№ 4070-621
Total found on query: 826