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Horizontal cut of part of skull of adult with preserved injected mucous tunic of turbinates
МАЭ № 4070-338
Larynx with thyroid body and part of gullet
МАЭ № 4070-364
Injected kidney with adrenal of juvenil, with capsule
МАЭ № 4070-552
Part of hepar with ganglial degeneration
МАЭ № 4070-522
Injected specimen of stomach of adult
МАЭ № 4070-403
Injected mucosa of small intestine of child
МАЭ № 4070-435
Injected hepar of newborn with exserted tail lobe
МАЭ № 4070-533
Injected intestine of child
МАЭ № 4070-441
Injected specimen of external genital organs of boy
МАЭ № 4070-595
Two injected kidneys of children, one of them cut along
МАЭ № 4070-562
Part of muscle of left  ventricle of heart (?)
МАЭ № 4070-357
Specimen of stomach and pancreas of newborn
МАЭ № 4070-407
Specimen of both lips of an adult
МАЭ № 4070-333
Specimen of large epiploon of adult
МАЭ № 4070-482
Specimen of cavernous body of glans penis
МАЭ № 4070-591
Piece of injected small intestine
МАЭ № 4070-456
Arch of aorta with branches
МАЭ № 4070-389
Injected dissected kidney of child, without capsule
МАЭ № 4070-550
Injected urinary bladder of newborn with umbilical arteris, umbilical ring and part of umbilical cord
МАЭ № 4070-576
Specimen of eyelids of an adult
МАЭ № 4070-330
Total found on query: 826